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A modern marketplace requires modern thinking – and that is exactly what we aim to do here at The Estate Agency Company.

We are a progressive estate agency based in Glasgow, and we aim to transform, adapt and improve the traditional model for navigating the property market. In short, we want to make buying and selling property as quick, easy and hassle-free as possible.

Covering Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland, our small but expert team of estate agents know the process of selling inside and out. With vast experience of the Scottish property market, we can ensure a smooth transition from one property to the next.


Our hybrid model takes the best aspects of both online and high street estate agents, and combines positive solutions to deliver a cost-effective sales process that works for our customers across Central Scotland.

We utilise the effective and efficient processes of the online estate agency model, while also adding the personal touch that makes traditional high street estate agents so popular. We believe that customer service, human interaction and going the extra mile are key to making every customer’s journey simple, quick and stress free.


That’s why we know how important it is to have the reassurance that someone will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the complex world of Home Reports, valuations and viewings.

And while we pride ourselves on providing first-rate customer service, we also believe that you shouldn’t have to pay a huge premium for it. That’s why we provide market-leading rates and fees.

Our expert team are based throughout the country, and we know your local area. We have built a strong reputation with our existing customers, thanks to our transparent, caring, client-centered approach, that sets us out as not only reputable but also friendly and welcoming.

If you want the best estate agent in your local area, The Estate Agency Company is the right choice.

Local Knowledge

It is accepted that hiring an estate agent makes the process of selling your home easier. However, when there are so many estate agents to choose from, how can you be sure that you select the one that is best for your needs. At The Estate Agency Company, we believe that hiring an estate agent with local knowledge is a smart move, because a local estate agent will ensure you have the edge in a competitive market place.

While you hope that interested buyers are going to find you, there are steps you can take to ensure your home is found by the right type of buyer. No matter where you are located or what style of home you have, there will be a particular buyer who is more likely to purchase your home. When you know the demographic of this likely buyer, it is much easier to promote to them, reach out to them and to stage the property so it is as attractive to this buyer as possible.

An estate agent who has experience in an area will know who the buyers are for certain homes. This means working with an estate agent with local knowledge gives you a head start in promoting your property and staging your home.

Thanks to the amount of information that is available online, anyone can know property prices in a localised market. However, this is very different from understanding the local market or knowing why certain homes have the price tag they carry. If you are keen to price your property effectively, and you should be, effective pricing is essential.

Looking at the average property price for the area or the most recent property prices may give you a good starting point when it comes to pricing but there is no guarantee that the average price is relevant to your home.

An estate agent with local knowledge will be able to promote the local aspects that buyers are interested in, and they will also be able to offer insight and guidance. Again, anyone can find information about a local area through the internet but people who have lived or worked in an area can offer a level of information or insight that the internet cannot compete with.

If you want to create the best impression with prospective buyers, using the services of a local estate agent makes a significant difference.

Whether you are looking to sell your home for the best price, in a short period of time or with as little fuss or hassle, a local estate agent will help you achieve your aims. When it comes to the local estate agent that is best for your needs, get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

Meet The Agents

Lewis Murphy



I have a long track record in property sales with experience across commercial, residential, and new build sales throughout Glasgow Edinburgh, and Dundee. Having handled many hundreds of property transactions of all different shapes and sizes I can guide you through the process with experience and tried and tested knowledge of how to maximise your selling price and how to set things up for a smooth transaction.

I want to deliver the best price, on time, every time for each of my customers.

In my opinion a good estate agent is knowledgeable, transparent and easy to get a hold of when you need them. My promise to each and every one of my customers now and in the future is that I will always be just that.
If you would like any help with buying or selling a property or have questions about the process of selling I’d love to hear from you.


Robert Forrester



I have years of experience in the commercial business and residential property sectors. Born and raised in Cumbernauld and still living in the area with my young family, I have in-depth knowledge of property in the local and surrounding areas. I am particularly passionate about customer satisfaction, delivering a reliable, quality and personal service to our customers, both buyers and sellers.

“Word of mouth and recommendations are the best source of advertising and customer satisfaction is absolutely the most important focus in everything that I do. I will always work WITH you and FOR you and I want all of my clients to be happy with the service that I am providing to ensure they recommend me to friends and family. I aim to offer a professional and personal experience to ensure you sell your property for the best possible price.


Luke David



I started my career in property 7 years ago first in Lettings in my home town of Gloucestershire – I knew straight away the property industry was for me. I left the UK to purse a career as an estate agent in Dubai where I moved up the ladder to become sales manager.

Now relocated to Scotland East Kilbride has become my home. I have worked in two leading sales agencies in Central Scotland, and now bring my experience to The Estate Agency Company where I offer sellers a one stop shop for selling property. I always work to ensure high customer satisfaction, a great sale price for each home.



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