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Sell Your House For a Bigger House

SELL YOUR HOUSE …. FOR A BIGGER ONESELL YOUR HOUSE FOR A BIGGER HOUSEReading time: 2 minutesIt takes a savvy home seller to negotiate a top price for their home. That’s why we talked to all our industry expert partners and compiled the best tips on how to add value to your home before you

How Much Stamp Duty Will I Pay?

One of the questions that mortgage brokers often get asked is, ‘How much stamp duty will I have to pay? Stamp duty has long been the nuisance of the property purchaser. With removal, solicitors and estate agents’ fees to pay, the additional cost of duty tax can sometimes be a forgotten cost. It is in

Get A Better Selling Price With Good Photography

When it comes to selling your home, real estate photography is going to be very important. Since so many people go on the internet to look for a home, they often will compile a list of the homes that they like based on the pictures that they see. Then they will send that list to

Making A Good Impression Is Important For A Successful Sale

When you decide to sell a piece of property, be it a house or an apartment, there are a few tips that you can apply to ensure your property sells quick. The most important among these is to make your house look “attractive”. When selling a home, the first impression in the mind of the

Estate Agents - Friend Or Foe For House Sellers

Selling your home is never an easy proposition. Should you tidy up the property, giving it a lick of paint; maybe sort out those nagging problems that you have never quite got round to doing or is it just money down the drain? Then there is the question of which estate agent to use. If

How To Sell Your Home In Glasgow - Preparing The Details

PREPARING THE DETAILSHOW TO SELL YOUR HOME IN GLASGOW – PREPARING THE DETAILSIt’s important to remember that every buyer or potential buyer has a motivation to do something and when selling you should think about what that motivation is likely to be and to maximise upon this.If you have a vacant property in need of

How to Sell Your Home In Glasgow - Work Out Your Budgets

WORK OUT YOUR BUDGETHOW TO SELL YOUR HOME IN GLASGOW – WORK OUT YOUR BUDGETSWhat you are both willing and able to pay will dictate almost everything. Add up all of your costs (your estate agent should be able to do this quickly and transparently for you.) Also think about the cost of any new

How to Sell Your Home In Glasgow - Picking an Agent

PICKING AN AGENTHOW TO SELL YOUR HOME IN GLASGOW – PICKING AN AGENTAs a first port of call most people choose to appoint an estate agent to help them through the process. An estate agent of whichever kind can help you with preparing and presenting your property, supply you with a wide array of advertising

Estate Agent Fees

ESTATE AGENT FEESESTATE AGENT FEESWhen you come to sell your home financial calculations are really important as well as working out what your sale price and purchase price are likely to be along with any mortgage amounts its really important to quantify and factor in moving fees and costs. Its no secret that moving home

Tips For Selling Your Home

TIPS FOR SELLING YOUR HOMETIPS FOR SELLING YOUR HOMEIncreasing the sale price of your home when you come to sell can be an arduous task. When it comes to selling your property no matter what kind of home you have – where it is, or what condition its in there is always something we can